Math & Reading Intervention

Team Members

Mrs. Aronin
Mrs. Aronin

Mrs. GoodknightMrs. Goodknight

Mrs. LaufenbergMrs. Laufenberg

Mrs. McLoneMs. McLone

Mrs. StatonMrs. Staton

Math and Reading Intervention at Fairview is for students identified by our team using a multi-faceted approach that includes classroom performance, teacher recommendation and benchmark assessment data.  Students who qualify will be offered small group instruction in their area of need, in addition to their classroom instruction, to support their growth and progress. All student progress will be monitored closely, and interventionists will keep in regular contact with each child’s classroom teacher. 

In Math Intervention, your child will use both digital and traditional resources, while focusing on building number sense, fluency and reasoning skills.

In Reading Intervention, students will work on strengthening phonics, decoding, fluency and comprehension skills using multi-sensory techniques.