Team Members

Dr. Whittaker
Dr. Whittaker, Ed.D.

Mr. Feyerer

Mr. Feyerer, M.Ed.
Assistant Superintendent / CSBO

Mrs. Gross, M.A.
Director of Student Services

Mr. Healy

Mr. Healy, M.Ed.
Director of Technology

Mrs. LarkinMrs. Larkin, M.Ed.
Primary School Principal

Mr. LopatkaMr. Lopatka, M.Ed.
Middle School Principal

Fairview District 72's Administrative Team is made up of five team members including the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Technology, Primary School Principal & Middle School Principal.  

The team works together to help guide the district through the regular day to day events but also with laying the path to fulfill the District's Strategic Plan.  By working closely with each other, the team is able to stay informed, involved, and keep a close pulse on what is happening in and around the district.